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Today our “Meet WCH” section devoted to one of the most important part of our team. This person uses her sharp mind and deep knowledge to solve legal issues and provide actual data with informing of all requirements, consequences, rules and regulations. This is our dear Molly Ray, who works as a legal advisor for WCH and its projects. She is the one, who creates legal notices, informative texts, provides legal opinions and composes agreements, contracts, appendixes.

She was graduated from International Law faculty of University of World Economy and Diplomacy. All her free time she dedicates to professional advancement and knowledge extension. She is deeply interested in legal advice as the practical application of theory to solve any issue. As she saying: “A jurist, having solid knowledge and logical mind, must strengthen his base by studying cases and incidents with law application specifics”.  

As Olga Khabinsky, COO says: “Molly is extremely responsible person and fights for the rights of our company. She pays great effort to details and definitely shows great concern for the company success!”

What future Molly predicts for WCH Service Bureau? She believes that the company will expand and establish several offices in Europe to provide variety of high-quality services geared to help thousands of people. Services number will grow greatly.

Molly believes sincerely that to achieve a goal, one does not need that much, just two things – desire and perseverance: “Don’t let others to limit your aspirations, the human exists to make a progress. Keep going and never stop believing in yourself!” She also states that none can reach anything significant unless he is totally in love with his work. There are also important parts like working atmosphere, good relations in the working team, proper and smart management, but all of them need a base of person’s efforts and endeavour.

And we are agree with Molly’s opinion and happy to have such a good specialist on our team!

A bit of personal info

Molly likes to cook for her family and friends, exploring new stuff, learning history and foreign languages – her current passion is French. She is also fond of jazz music. She dreams of visiting every continent and make a tour to Seven Wonders of the World.

April 2018