2018 Year End Summary

2018 was an important year for WCH Service Bureau. We learnt a lot and reached new goals. And now we would like to look back to recall those moments. 

iSmart EHR – one of the best EHRs of 2018

2018 Year End Summary

Our iSmart EHR successfully passed certification and was recognized by Top 10 of best EHR/EMR Solution Providers in 2018 by HealthTech Outlook.  The magazine pointed out the most important information about our company and remarked flexibility of the EHR. They also say: “…This client-centered approach has been a major factor triggering WCH’s growth over the years.” Well done, WCH! 

Persistence and knowledge pays off

Another remarkable achievement was attained by Credentialing Department. Oftentimes providers are faced with an inability to enroll in specific insurance plans due to closed panels. Our credentialing specialists always evaluate if clients’ specialty or population served could warrant an exception. In 2018, credentialing specialists succeeded in encouraging several insurance carriers for an exception. And after several unsuccessful attempts, a favorable decision was given. Well done, WCH and congratulations to newly enrolled providers!

2018 Year End Summary

4 New services

Yearly Auditing service package. It is important for any medical provider to be sure that all medical records completed in accordance with insurance guidelines and coding practices; that work processes are compliant with HIPAA and all other regulations; and that office staff processes medical data properly – this package will help you achieve all of this! Even if you do not use billing services from WCH Service Bureau, we can still help you with this new service.

MIPS Supporting service package yearly package, which helps you to determine what, when and how to report. At WCH we always say: “A doctor has to be a DOCTOR, not a clerk!” But getting a negative adjustment is also an unpleasant thing! Order MIPS package to avoid payment reduction or even get a bonus for your work!  

Staffing service perhaps you do have gaps in working schedule and would like to see more patients? We will help you find suitable occupational opportunities to fill up your schedule. If you are looking for providers to join your practice, we can help you too!  Searching takes time and energy, so why not delegate this matter to WCH?

Yearly Re-credentialing pack keep your credentialing contracts up-to-date. If you do not have time to track it, let WCH Service Bureau do this for you!

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2018 Year End Summary

What is ahead?

WCH Service Bureau has prepared a plan of prioritized goals for new 2019 year. Of course, our billing department will keep working on implementing procedures or new services based on feedback received from the WCH Client Surveys. We are thankful to every client who takes time to participate in our surveys!

Among interesting plans are Continuing education credits for Newsletter subscribers. We are working with Certifying organizations to provide you with CME credits.

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2018 Year End Summary


WCH visited a Yerevan Special Educational Complex for Children with Hearing Disabilities. Our correspondent talked with the director of a boarding school for deaf and hearing-impaired children in Armenia, to find out how these special children master ordinary subjects, what their interests are, and what they dream about. There are currently 130 students: “Those who live in Yerevan go home in the evening, and come to classes in the morning,” explains the school’s director, Hasmik Badalyan. “But most of the students come from other cities and villages – they live on school premises.”

2018 Year End Summary

The children have a normal school curriculum at the boarding school, but classes are conducted in two languages: Armenian and sign language. In the 10th through 12th grades, teenagers learn a profession: some master sewing, others cooking, others rug- or shoe-making. Training in haircutting and doing manicures and makeup is also available.

The years spent at the boarding school cultivate self-confidence in the children, and as they enter adulthood, they are ready to fight for happiness. Some graduates pursue higher education.

“I’m in my 3rd year at the Institute for Physical Education. I want to be a teacher or coach,” says 20-year-old Argishti Babayan, who took second place at the World Deaf Wrestling Championships.

Of course, even good schools have their problems. Education and accommodation at the school are free for the students, but government funding isn’t enough to cover repairs. Also the children work on computers that are 10 years old, although the teacher is even prepared to teach them robotics. A special dream of the students is their own movie theater. They can’t watch movies in the normal city theaters, as they can’t see the sign language interpreter’s hands in the dark.

The school’s employees work small miracles every day, as they help children with disabilities. Let’s help these miracles keep happening in future!


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Yerevan Special Educational Complex