There are not only smart and pretty ladies we have in our team, but also strong and intelligent gentlemen. Today we tell about one of them. Vyacheslav (Slava) Kurdov has been working with WCH since 2007. He recalls it was tough in the beginning, but soon he took to it like a duck to water.

For today he is Auditing Department supervisor and his responsibilities are: communication to the clients, verification/clarification of audit specifics ahead, select team members for targeted audit, conduct regular and general meetings.

Auditors have to deal with medical records, patient charts and other documentation, so they know – unreadable handwriting could be a real problem. It happens that insurance carrier does not process review or appeal due to unreadable documentation. And the result of such a review will be negative, for sure. Medical providers using EHR (for example, iSmart EHR) will not face this kind of obstacle. Moreover, electronic health records dot not eat your physical space, they are always within your reach and search can be done in few seconds. 

Slava would like to give an advice to all providers as an auditor: “Please, remember that if your service is not documented or documented improperly your chance to receive a denial increases greatly. Even if you receive the payment, improper documentation may cause refund request or recoupment in future. To avoid this providers should get familiar to insurance carriers requirements for rendered services. It is also recommended to conduct external audit of internal medical documentation on regular basis. And never commit any abuse or distortion regarding really rendered services in your documentation. A momentary profit can have dramatical consequences.”

What is the best thing for Slava in his work? Support, mutual assistance and professionalism of colleagues, respect and appreciation by clients. “It is so great to feel myself helpful!” – Slava says. – “Well, maybe I will sound a bit cynical now, but there is not so many people in the world that need not medical aid ever. That is how human body works – sometimes we need help from a specialist. So, I strongly believe that medical providers have a lofty mission to cure and heal human body and mind and we help them to receive a fair reimbursement for their hard work, knowledge and skills.”

As billing and auditing spheres develops every moment and every day we have updates in healthcare billing, Slava thinks that this process is going to get faster and faster – scientific researches and practical application pushes healthcare industry forward, so any rendered services requirements can change any moment and we have to stay updated.  

Slava plans to take CPMA exam soon as it is the most important exam for medical billing/coding auditor. “I am looking forward positively and ready to get new knowledge every second of my life. New answers cause new questions and this make me to keep going. I enjoy to apply my skills on practice and be helpful.”

A bit of personal info.

Slava likes movie “What Dreams May Come”, “The Scythian”; “The Good Doctor’, “American Gods” and “Futurama” series; calm instrumental music and soft rock. He does yoga and cycling, likes audiobooks, which allow him to read even when he cannot hold a book or tablet in hands. He loves to spend time playing games to his little daughter or play guitar, recorder or harmonica.

Slava dreams to always have harmony and prosperity in his family, to travel around the world, lose some weight and succeed in self-development.