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If you call our Credentialing department, it is possible that you will talk to charming Susanna.

Susanna has been working with WCH since 2012, from the first steps she showed herself as a clever, efficient and dependable person, a hard worker.

She started her career in billing department as an Account Representative. Later, feeling herself able to help people in particular issues, to help them with enrollments, she focused on credentialing. In just few months she was assigned as a Credentialing Supervisor – that is what people call “talent”. Susanna feels herself a “bridge builder” between providers and insurance carriers.

Credentialing Department Supervisor is responsible for management and monitoring of department’s staff and systems, which support the accurate and timely tracking, monitoring of provider related enrollment and credentialing activities.

We asked Susanna what she likes in her work most of all and what the toughest thing is: “ I really enjoy solving the issues – establishing of a new practice, adding a new provider, changing practice locations, getting a new enrollment or any credentialing needs while the provider can focus on their patients. Many people don’t even understand what a provider has to go through to obtain privileges and practice medicine and some of the seemingly smallest things we do for the provider can make a huge difference in ensuring quality patient care.

About the toughest thing in my job, I think it is when lots of energy spent on a case and at the end the insurance company just close it! That puts me in frustration! But we do not give up and try other options – when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

WCH Service Bureau has 17 years of experience both in credentialing and billing. Susanna believes that in the nearest future WCH will become the only leader providing medical credentialing and medical billing services to healthcare practitioners throughout 50 states. She states that professionalism and unique positioning in the credentialing and medical billing market has made us a leader in the healthcare industry. 

Here is what she answered about her career: “I am very glad that WCH do not stand still, we constantly learn new things, and we solve new matters. I am very proud that our company stands firmly on its feet for over 17 years and achieved a lot in the last few years. I believe my skills and experience are applied excellently here and I feel the great opportunity to grow professionally. I expect to work with WCH as long as I can make contribution. I deliberately push myself out of comfort zone to do what I'm afraid to do like if tomorrow I have to take an airplane off, I will learn how and I will do it, that is for sure!”

The most important thing, as Susanna says, is never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow you will find the sun shining above you!

That is really a positive point of view, let us absorb it. 

A bit of personal info

Susanna likes books, her favorite book is “The little prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. One of the favorite movie is “It happened one night”. Susanna wishes her family always be healthy, she dreams of living a full life, to have happy memories in her late. Family, interesting job and travelling – these are three most important things in the world for Susanna. That is a rule for her – once a year she visits a place that has never been before.

June 2018