MEET WCH – Olga Khabinskay
Olga Khabinskay

This time we decided to enlighten our readers about the prominent figure in our team – our COO – Olga Khabinskay. Through all these years she worked almost in every department and gained high qualification and deep knowledge of the billing/credentialing processes. As a person of quick mind and immense knowledge in healthcare field she stands astern, watching forward to sail WCH frigate to head for the success.

We asked her some questions. 

    How did you start your career in WCH?

It was pure luck that I had landed in WCH. I was asked to join newly growing team by Aleksandr Romanychev CEO of WCH. We worked together before in another practice, which he left to start WCH. So my journey in WCH started in 2003. From early on, I was working at the clerical level helping with billing and credentialing services that company was providing at that time to about 12 clients.

    What is the future of WCH in your opinion? What is the future of healthcare industry?

The future is here already, WCH has become a professional company that is trusted by many physicians and other health professionals. Every day WCH gains recognition in healthcare industry and learns new things. We are proud to advocate for physicians and their reimbursement rights. The future ahead is combining knowledge and technology to automate many of the services internally and in the medical practice. Of course in between, we have several goals to achieve such as hospital contracts and opportunity to establish recognition of the billing profession. For the future of the healthcare industry overall it is in telemedicine and more rigid insurance requirements.

    In your opinion, what are our advantages among another billing companies?

Level of competence in the healthcare arena, concern for clients, moving forward or adopting with ever-changing industry demands.

    What are the most important features of WCH employees?

Positive attitude, dependable and self-motivated. That is what make our team successful.

    What do you like most of all in your work?

Finding solutions for our clients and using technology to substitute many of the processes.

    What professional plans do you have? What does give you an impulse for making progress and professional advancement?

I follow other leaders, I read about them, I try to think like them. It’s all about inspirations and how one envisions their life. I am inspired by Buffet Warren, Jobs, and Elon Musk.

    What advice can you give to people to achieve their goals?

Plan it well and learn to adjust plans with time. Don’t be stubborn with the plan, try to see it from all angles and seek advice from peers or other people that have experience.

A bit of personal info

Olga runs five times a week, this gives her boost of energy and release of all the negativity. She likes Greek and Italian cuisine. Olga has a little daughter and they often enjoy dancing together.

On the question about her dream Olga says: “Dubai has been always my dream to visit. Everything there is beyond human imagination!”