Nargiza has joined WCH team in 2013. Through these 5 years she went a long way and became a professional who always keeps her mind clear and knows how to help a client. We asked Nargiza about the start of her career in WCH: “It was challenging at the beginning but my colleagues were really encouraging and helpful.”

Nargiza states that the most rewarding part of the job is being able to help clients and especially resolving hard reimbursement cases.

Billing and reimbursement might be complicated process and providers should not be put in a situation where it interferes with patient care. Nargiza recommends providers to work closely with their billing specialists and resolve any issues that might arise. Prevention is a key. Providers should try to be informed of credentialing and re-credentialing, eligibility, authorization requirements and policy changes. It helps to save time and money in a long run. And as always we are here to help!

Nargiza’s goal is to continue growing in a medical billing field. The next step in her carrier would be taking professional certification exam, which would require intensive learning.

We asked Nargiza what she thinks about future of medical billing: “It is hard to predict, but I believe that WCH will remain one of the leading billing companies in the USA. Healthcare industry is developing and changing a lot while WCH team does its best to keep up with these changes. We are armed with our knowledge and protected with our flexibility, so we will always find a solution.”

Clients who assigned to Nargiza are the source of her inspiration. Every new case pushes her to learn more, find the answer, become better and provide excellent services to the clients. Nargiza’s moto: “Dream big and be persistent.


Nargiza takes yoga classes and enjoys reading fiction books. She also loves photography and has collection of awesome pictures she took over the years: “Beauty is everywhere! You just need to stop running to see it”. She spends her free time with her family or travelling to places she has never been. One of Nargiza’s life goal is to write a book.