We are happy to introduce the newest member of our credentialing team. You might have spoken to her regarding your credentialing process.

Mia started her career in WCH as a credentialing trainee. She says that her colleagues made it easy for her to start because she has support and thorough training of every part of the credentialing process. “I am grateful to the credentialing team and entire WCH team for answering any questions and helping me every step of the way. At first, many things had to be explained, sometimes even twice, but everyone was patient with me and made me feel comfortable asking questions.” laughs Mia, “I came a long way and finally became a specialist in the credentialing field. I am proud to help our clients even in difficult situations and benefit my department and WCH as a whol

Mia's duties as a credentialing specialist include: compiling and maintaining current and accurate data for all providers, completing providers' credentialing and re-credentialing applications; monitoring applications and follow-up as needed, maintaining copies of current state licenses, DEA certificates, malpractice coverage and any other required credentialing documents for all providers; maintaining corporate provider contract files, ensuring knowledge of health plans requirements for credentialing, auditing health plans directories for current and accurate provider information and etc. 'Doctors have to work with patients, they don't have much time to complete lengthy credentialing process on their own.I feel great to be involved in saving lives at least in this way!'

Mia says: 'Clients trust WCH experience with multiple organizations and insurance carriers. In some cases, experience does not land in a contract. And of course, the worst thing for me is to tell unpleasant news to my client. I wish our clients kept in mind that sometimes enrollments cannot be completed due to various reasons, for example requirements of the insurance carriers or closed panels for specific specialties or geographic areas, but this does not mean that we don’t want to help! We will find a way, in most cases there is a solution and we do our best! I love to inform my clients about successful completion of the credentialing process, especially when it’s completed faster than planned!'

Mia believes she will excel at WCH: 'I think I gained a lot of experience working as a credentialing specialist in WCH and I'm ready to solve the most difficult issues! I strive to be recognized and build good relationships with our clients and insurance carriers we work with'.

A bit of personal info

Mia loves video making. In her free time, she creates video compilations for friends. Her last project was a wedding video: “It was awesome to do this and newlyweds were delighted!” she says. Besides her work, she is a third-year student at a university, so there is not much free time. But when it is possible, she goes on a hike

Mia loves musicals, loves dancing, and takes Zumba classes