Who knows better about our weaknesses than our clients? And we are pleased so many of you find our services outstanding and rate highly your account representatives and teams working with your practice. We will devote our efforts to correct any deficiencies in the service delivery process. Continuous and diligent work is the path to success. And we are always looking for ways to make our services better.

We are very grateful to each and every one of our clients, who participated in the survey and provided us with valuable feedback.

One of the problems brought up by credentialing clients is status updates. We would like to point out that credentialing is a lengthy process and many insurance plans do not have written regulations for application processing time frames. In most cases, enrollment takes anywhere from 90 to 120 days, depending on the type of enrollment. We do regular follow-ups and inform you of all status updates as soon as it changes. Enrollment process is also a two-way street, and we expect our clients to provide all the requested additional signatures and documentation in a timely manner, otherwise, the process could halt or even be discontinued.

To keep you up to date, we provide you with status of all pending applications monthly (usually on the 28th of each month). You will continue to receive approvals at the time application is processed by an insurance company.

We also noticed that some of you have had troubles with untimely email responses. Credentialing Department will restructure the work process to provide every client with We are very grateful to each and every one of our clients, who participated in the survey and provided us with valuable feedback. response within 24 business hours (please keep in mind your account representatives work schedules). As expected, the biggest share of comments was related to billing issues. We appreciate you taking time from your busy schedules to provide your honest opinion and suggestions. Individual clients have been contacted and many questions have been clarified. As of today, most of the questions have been resolved and some are being negotiated since we need to find a compromise to satisfy your needs. Please, do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a problem or difficulty to find necessary information in PMBOS. Each and every issue must be solved to avoid cumulative errors or frustration. As a reminder, all information about your claims is available in PMBOS. You can search for a single or multiple claims, all claims for a specific patient or insurance or run various reports for multiple claims with similar parameters, for example all paid claims for a period of time. If you require additional training on how to use Patient Management and Billing Operations Software (PMBOS), you can always call our technical support or one of your account representatives

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Insurance updates and important changes are available in monthly WCH Newsletter. Occasionally, your account representatives will send you updates that are urgent and can affect your day to day practice: we encourage you to read it. Oftentimes, you find useful information to help you to avoid denials, rejections, refunds or delays in payment

We appreciate your opinions and we are glad to make our services better.   

Some of you have expressed your frustration with of PMBOS software. These problems can be caused by multiple issues, including hardware, software compatibility, system requirements and be as simple as internet connectivity issues. We understand that sometimes you need a quick fix so you can go on with your day, but in some cases there is no easy solution. We are asking you to be patient and, if required, allow time for our IT team to solve technical problems you are experiencing.

Once again, we appreciate any suggestions to improve your experience with PMBOS!

EHR users suggested that web accessible training modules or tutorials that will allow them to learn how to use specific features anytime. Several video tutorials are available here link. Our IT department considered your comments and will upload additional video tutorials and reference materials, presentations, useful tips and etc

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Also Camila Narkulova, our EHR advisor, will conduct consultations and educational sessions for providers.

In the Support section you can find F.A.Q. Please review these questions, chances are yours are there too!

Please keep in mind that you can always contact our technical support and helpdesk

We are very grateful to each and every one of our clients, who participated in the survey and provided us with valuable feedback. Our team is dedicated to helping you build a stable and successful practice!


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