If you ever visited our main office in Brooklyn, NY you could have seen this cheerful and helpful girl who hears her name dozens of times a day. Nana is always ready to help and it looks like magic when she manages to make everything quickly and in its best. What is the secret?

Nana states that there is no secret. She simply “really, really loves” her work, “I love when my client leaves happy,” she says. “I love it when people appreciate the work I do. That means a lot to me’.

Nana has been with WCH team since 2011, she held several positions before her credentialing assignment in 2013. She is multi-skilled and her extensive experience makes her really unique in WCH. “Credentialing is a big responsibility,” says Nana who helps doctors to enroll new practices into federal programs and commercial insurance plans, get Tax IDs, maintain and update existing enrollment. “I learn something new every day communicating with different specialty providers and insurance representatives.”.

Although the credentialing process can be really tough, complicated and takes 3-4 months, Nana does her best to build warm, friendly relationship with insurance companies staff. She knows that it is very important for clients to be updated with the current status and she carefully tracks all the cases she is working on. “It is important to make clients feel welcomed” says Nana. “I want people to be comfortable with me and come back if any help is needed after our initial work is complete.

To stay up to date with healthcare changes, Nana regularly reads healthcare news, insurance guidelines and regulations, performs researches. She also seeks guidance from experienced senior insurance representatives. “I need to be prepared for any issues that might come up with an enrollment”.


A bit of personal info

Nana lives in Brooklyn. She loves cooking and reading books. Her sport preference is cycling.