WCH Accomplishments

At WCH we never stop looking for ways to make our services better. Our team works hard to fulfill our clients' needs and pay close attention to feedback. We never stand still and use every opportunity to improve and implement new services. This is the way of development – try something new, have open mind and react quickly. Here are the 3 new services we are glad to offer you.


This service is a must-have preventive measure

  • to make sure that everything is correct with your medical records, claims, superb
  • that correct diagnoses, procedures, duration, and units were coded;
  • to have an analysis of denials/duplicate billing/appeal process/modifiers usage.

The service helps to identify risk areas leading to upcoding or downcoding, verification if any abusive or fraudulent billing exists on practice.

We also can teach your staff to work with PHI (Protected Health Information) in compliance with HIPAA and conduct front desk work review, for example: eligibility/benefits/patient responsibility (deductible, copay and coinsurance) verification, authorization process, coordination of benefits. This is a very important step and this is where the successful billing begins. Even if you do not use WCH Service Bureau billing services, you will benefit from our auditing/training sessions.


MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) is a comprehensive quality and performance reporting system that has been around for a long time. Reporting requirements change every year and become more complex. It is hard to keep up and reporting process takes a lot of time away from treating your patients. Failure to report MIPS measures today will put you at risk of negative payment adjustments in 2 years. We all can agree, negative adjustment is never a good thing!

That is why we offer you the service of MIPS reporting support. Our specialist will consult you and help you to determine what, how and when to report.


Some providers have gaps in their working schedule and would like to take an extra load. If this is true about you, WCH provides staffing service – we will help you to find a suitable occupational opportunities to get more work, more practice and more money. Searching takes time and energy, so why not to delegate this matter to WCH? We will do our best to satisfy your request and will provide you with as many options as possible.


WCH Accomplishments