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New Source of Revenue for Doctors and Better Care for Patients:
Remote Patient Monitoring Improves Chronic Care Management

Effective January 1, 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) approved Medicare payments to physicians and practitioners for remote chronic care management services under a new Code - CPT 99490 - for non-face-to-face Chronic Care Management (CCM) services.

eCare21 has built an advanced, user-friendly digital health technology platform for that supports Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management for patients within the home and other settings across the continuum of care. eCare21 enables physicians to deliver high quality “care at a distance” and to capture clean, compliant clinical documentation of Medicare Chronic Care Management and Telehealth services.

eCare21 digital health technologies provide new sources of income for physician practices and help improve the health and wellness of patients. Patients benefit through improved outcomes and better, more informed, care plan adherence. Provider groups and Managed Care Organizations benefit from real-time medical alerts, clinical dashboards, and improved care coordination.

The eCare21 Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & Telehealth technology platform provides a vital bridge between healthcare and sub-acute homecare. eCare21’s secure, HIPAA-compliant, proprietary technology enables the aggregation of biometric data to establish baselines and to identify changes that indicate the potential onset of an acute event. This approach supports informed clinical decision-making across a continuum of acuity, regardless of geography; timely, appropriate interventions; care coordination during transitions of care; and optimal resource utilization.

eCare21 can reduce the costs of providing care and mitigate the physical, mental and emotional decline experienced by seniors, especially those requiring chronic care management (CCM), allowing them to remain at home – living healthier, happier, and safer lives.'

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