eCare21 and WCH Service Bureau with RPM and CCM reporting tool


Orlando, FL March 23, 2018 - eCare21, a digital health technology company, announced today a partnership with WCH Service Bureau, a Brooklyn, NY based revenue cycle and practice management company. eCare21 and WCH have partnered to provide current and future WCH ambulatory practice clients with a comprehensive technology platform for Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management. 

The partnership between eCare21 and WCH will enable doctors to improve the quality of care for senior citizens, and increase practice revenue by enabling clean, compliant coding & billing for non-face-to-face Chronic Care Management services supported by Medicare. 

Vadim Cherdak, PhD, CEO of eCare21, said, “We are honored to be working with the WCH Service Bureau and their physician clients to provide advanced healthcare services to seniors citizens in Brooklyn, NY. WCH is a leader in the mission which eCare21 aims to serve: to support the health & well being of older persons and other underserved populations. eCare21 is excited to offer innovative new digital healthcare technologies the help providers meet the needs of individual patients, and the community at large.”  

About eCare21, Inc. eCare21 is a mobile platform that links friends, family, caregivers and healthcare professionals in a patient centered model of care.  The eCare21 solution suite provides active, real-time & asynchronous remote patient monitoring, medication management, and data analytic capabilities in support of subacute eldercare & chronic disease management.


 About WCH Service Bureau.

WCH Service Bureau was established on 9th of April, 2003 in New York. In the list of our services you can find billing of any specialty with guaranteed reimbursement level, chart audit and documentation review, credentialing, equipment and office procedures suggestions, lab setup, HIPAA compliance consulting and privacy officer training, insurance contracts negotiation, practice management consultations and help of professional specialists. 

Our team consists of young people, full of energy and dedicated to the work.  We also have developed EHR iSmart, which is fast and easy-to-use. All these years we work for you and we are glad to guide you in the healthcare world. 

The healthcare industry is ever-changing and advancing rapidly. New rules, technologies, requirements and we know how important it is – to have the actual information on time. 

This platform from eCare21 is one of the opportunities that we are pleased to connect you with. We deeply believe that a medical provider needs more time to stay concentrated on the patients and eliminate paperwork as much as possible, so we are happy to have a contribution in the process. 

We wish the best of luck to all providers and eCare21 on the way to success!