Franchise -  Your Way to Success with WCH Service Bureau®

In recent years, the medical community has grown increasingly alarmed over the problems of burnout. Doctors have become overloaded with piles of business processes and especially with so many healthcare regulations that seem to be rolling out another layer. As a result, doctors become overstressed, have less time for patients, and fail to deliver high-quality service.

While working with many of its clients, WCH Service Bureau became convinced that nowadays, the ever-growing need for medical billing services is more than ever, making the medical billing business opportunity is, without a doubt, the growth industry of the 21st century!

Recognizing this new challenge, we decided to communicate and transfer the experience accumulated over 18 years of operation to multiple locations, while focusing on smart growth and developing a great team. We saw that the franchise model can work very well for this.  Therefore, WCH Service Bureau successfully franchised its business in 2017.  

Being a franchisor, as the already-established brand, we now give the right and opportunity for others to utilize our name, business ideas, products, and services. It should be noted that only reputable and leading companies sell their franchises. This is because we are confident that our business structure, technologies, and products/services can stand on their own.

We understood, that by keeping an established brand behind our franchisee we provide the support that not many other types of business opportunities can offer. So, our franchisees already have potential demand, branding, and solid business structure just waiting to be managed properly.


How Franchising Helps

Once or twice, you’ve probably dreamt of having your own business. It’s something many people want to have. After all, having a successful business not only allows you to be financially stable but also gives you the chance to have control over your time. It’s a win-win solution if you have a great business mind, enough resources, and competent partners. But it can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.

Starting a new business may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot try your hand at managing one. This is where franchising will come in. Franchising a business means that you’re technically managing a business on your own terms, but you have the benefit of already having a known brand and a team of experts behind you.

But franchisors also risk ruining their reputation when they handily sell their rights to just anyone. That is the reason why WCH Service Bureau makes sure to help the people who franchise our business from start to finish—assuring quality not only for the customers but also at the backend. That is what separates a simple business opportunity with a strong franchise opportunity. The level of assistance and support you’ll be provided with is drastically different.


Why Franchising is a Reliable Way to Own a Business 

As mentioned, various risks come with starting your own business. The higher you want to go, the more risks you should be willing to take. However, franchising takes most of those risks away and gives you ample support to jumpstart your entrepreneurship. Here are some of the reasons why franchising is a good and reliable way to own a business:

  •  It’s less risky

According to statistics, 25 % of startup businesses fail within their first year, and 50 % of those fail within five years. But the figure for franchises are extremely positive—it shows that 90% of franchises succeed, and it’s exactly because of the support and business model that they’re ready to provide to you. All you need to do is do your job as a franchise holder, and your business is ready to go.

  • You get a well-known brand name with built history and reputation

As mentioned, getting a franchise means that you already have an established brand behind you. This is a good thing because there’s already a sense of recall in the minds of the customers.

They know what to expect from your business, and they have an idea of what you can provide to them. You’re more likely going to have more customers when you launch your business compared to an entirely new company launching its brand. Not only is this easier, but there are also fewer risks that come with this type of business.

  • You are still your own boss.

While you do have to follow a set of branding rules and business models, you are technically the head of the franchise you own. That means that you are your own boss, and your time is going to be your own.

  • Ready-made business models and proven technologies

Having an established brand behind you means that you have tried and tested models and technologies to support your business. You won’t have to build a company from the ground-up. All you need to do is apply the existing guidelines, and you’re all set.

  •  Training and support with the franchise
The best thing about getting a franchise is you have training and support from professionals who have years of experience behind them. You’ll be guided on all aspects of business, from operations to marketing. If you encounter issues or roadblocks, they’ll be ready to help you along the way.

Of course, franchises cost more than simple business opportunities. However, you should know that franchises are incredibly worth it. You’ll have a higher propensity for success, and you have a strong support system to back you up when you feel uncertain about how to proceed.


WCH Service Bureau®: A Franchise Opportunity You Shouldn’t Miss

Only brands with established reputations and tested technologies sell their franchise. We can proudly say that WCH Service Bureau® belongs to the group of businesses that make successful franchises happen all around their coverage areas. This is because apart from our technologies, we have honed our business structure and processes to ensure that we provide efficient services to our clients, making them more profitable in the long run.

We train our franchise holders to manage their businesses in all aspects, from marketing, finance, to operations. We will be there with you from start-up to sustaining efforts, and we’ll give you the technical support and consultation needs regardless of what time you reach out to us.

The best thing about all of these? Our franchisee will already have a niche market ready to take on its services. Revenue Recycle Management as a business model continues to grow year by year, and the potential to capture a market means that there’s more for them to take.