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iSmart Patient Invoicing And Received Checks Monitoring

How To Use The New Features

The new features that we have implemented are incredibly easy to use and very important for the overall workflow of a medical office. These new features are designed to simplify the lives of our clients and increase income. 

Using The “Received Checks” Function 

The “received checks” function is designed to allow providers to search for and manage their recent payments through the use of the ability to mark a payment as being received. This will allow our clients to better manage their income.

In order to make use of this new feature, you should search for the check or EFT transaction that has been received. Once you have found this transaction, then simply check the box in the ‘received’ column which will allow you to file the payment as being received. Doing so will prompt you to input a deposited date for this transaction as well.

This new feature will give our clients better control over income. It also will be beneficial for when providers want to check their transaction history in the future. Additionally, users who do not want these received checks to show up in their searches will be able to tag a filter for received checks, thereby allowing them to see only unreceived (unmarked) checks that have not yet been

Using The Patient Billing Function

One of our other new features is that of the patient billing feature which iSmart EHR users may make use of as they see fit. This new feature is designed to allow our clients to have abilities to create patient bills and manage payments. We built an incredible system that allows you to create a bill for a patient only where patient responsibility exists and may be billed to a patient. You do not need to check every claim whether there was a deductible/coinsurance or not, or whether a patient has Medicaid or any other secondary payer, or whether the secondary claim is pending or paid.

Luckily, we implemented all of the above mentioned right  into the program, and you can easily create a patient bill when applicable without additional work. In addition to this feature, you can now also have the option to select multiple different claims for the same patient at once in order to create a bill for these claims. It will definitely save your time and improve overall income. The patient's ledger with the balance is always available, and at the time of follow-up visit, the balance may be collected if any. 

We listen to our clients and develop the features that best meet the needs.

To learn how to use the new features, sign up for our free webinar on October 31, 2019.

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