Consolidating Bills to Command Leverage

    We are now in the year 2020. Another decade has passed by, and many things have changed. However, there are things that will still remain the same: businesses will still need to make a profit, individuals still need their income, and everyone should still mind their expenses. It seems like a never-ending cycle—something we cannot escape from. But there might be a solution.

Sergey Yevelev, American Life Coach and Financial Consultant, proposed an idea of creating a conglomerate of businesses to gain more favorable rates from retailers "We want to combine the businesses in order to create a larger conglomerate with an even larger combined bill. Together, your bills could amount to at least half a million dollars a month – or even more! "

If a single provider cannot command enough demand to bargain prices with retailers and suppliers, combined demand with other business owners will undoubtedly do the trick.

"If we make this possible, we can receive a rate that was previously only offered to multi-million-dollar corporations. The best thing about this is there's nothing you need to change in your demand; you only need to cooperate and collaborate with other providers to get the deal done and dusted" points out Sergey Yevelev.

It will only be possible with everyone's cooperation. It's not enough to have only a few providers and companies participating. It requires as many participants as possible to drive the demand up.

"We know many businesses like yours with similar demands. We hope you can let us help you reduce expenses with the power of leverage. As a small provider of services, leverage is not something you can easily have. But combined with others, we can command considerable leverage to give you the best deals on your practice's needs."

The best way to start this vision is to act on this immediately. The bills that could be combined at this time are natural gas and electricity. If you decide to participate, provide all pages of your bill to Sergey Yevelev by fax or email below. Indicate your contact information and "WCH" on the top. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you participate in this endeavor.

The year is 2020, and another decade has passed by. Many things have changed— and we can do so much more!


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