Do You Still Have Issues with Closed Insurance Panels? 

Let WCH Help You Get Approved!

WCH can help clients with difficult credentialing cases. In fact, “difficulty” is what we are known for in the industry. 

We are proud to say that our credentialing team worked hard and long to obtain an ancillary radiology contract for our client with HealthFirst. Keep in mind the panel is closed for three years without any exceptions.


It was a hard way, but it was worth it!


The credentialing process took about eight months to complete.  It was a hard way, but it was worth it. The entire process consisted of research of the insurance network area needs, preparation, and submission of the letters of intent and non-stop, week after week, follow up with the ancillary manager at the insurance. 

We received around three rejections during the process, but it did not stop us.  We were resubmitting the intent requests with further follow-ups and continued working with insurance to lock the contract.  And finally, we got the result we were fighting for.


An amazing achievement for WCH and a celebration for Client!


After all of this work, getting the welcome letter and the approved contract was an amazing achievement for us and a celebration for our client! 

We can say, from this experience, that proper research, organization of proposal, and attention to insurance details can help open the closed doors.

Still Closed?

Let WCH Help You Get Approved!


If anyone’s practice is struggling with closed panels or any other credentialing issues, please feel free to speak to our credentialing team. Feel free to email directly our credentialing manager Olga Khabinskay at