HOW TO GET HELP for Your Business?

What is a business? A business is an enterprise formed with two purposes in mind: to serve the public and make a profit. It is a double-edged sword, and these two edges are interconnected with each other. To serve the public, you must stay in business. To stay in business, you need to make sufficient profit while serving the public. 

How does a business make a profit? 
It is not easy to make a profit. You must understand what it means and what it takes to make a profit. In the medical field, for example, it is challenging to be a doctor and make money at the same time. 

In ancient China, a doctor is responsible for hundreds of patients. The government obliged its doctors to take care of patients under their jurisdiction. The government paid the doctors every month for each healthy patient. Consequently, ancient Chinese doctors had to work for hours to make sure that none of their patients get sick. Every Chinese doctor had to make sure the majority of his or her ward is healthy to get the maximum monthly compensation. 

Can we compare the situation of ancient Chinese doctors to that of present doctors? 
The job description of a doctor has never changed. The dynamics between doctors and patients are the same since the beginning of time. Ancient and present doctors both have the same set of responsibilities. Unfortunately, present doctors are on their own, whether they are doing a good job or not. 

Nobody sees how doctors devote their time and lives to be the professionals they are now. Nobody cares about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they had to spend or still owe to graduate medical school and finish their residency. The struggles that doctors face before they get their medical license are unseen and unknown from their patients and the government. 

When you start your own business, your ultimate goal is to make a profit. However, you must also consider your business’ operating expenses. Unchecked expenses can leave you with a smaller profit. These expenses can include insurance, wages, rent, mortgage, supplies, electricity, internet connections, telephone bills, and so many others. On top of these expenses, you also have to contend with taxes, operating and licensing fees, employee benefits, among many other government-mandated cash outflows. 

Running your own business may be overwhelming, but don’t lose hope. 

The good news is, there is salvation on the horizon. We will share with you the many ways you can cut your business’ operating expenses in the next issues of this newsletter. We will talk about how you can improve your bottom line. After all, as with every business, what will matter is your net income after you have deducted all your expenses. It is the ultimate outcome of all your hard work and sacrifices. 

You must take action. Do not wait for help to arrive. The government will not help you. Even the banks will not help you, despite their usual promise in their advertisements. Instead, you need to be resourceful, street-smart, and business-savvy. Soon enough, you will see your profits soar like never before. 

We will share with you many proven and effective ways to help reduce your daily operating expenses. These tips can help you save from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. You can join business organizations from which you can enjoy getting discounts from suppliers and providers. We will help you improve your bottom line, and improve your company’s cash flow. 

We will also talk about protection against Identity Fraud and what you can do about it. With the rise of the Internet and Social Media, Identity Fraud is becoming more prevalent worldwide. You must know how to protect your business, yourself, your family and your customers from this online threat. 

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