Increasing Productivity:
IT Solutions for your office during the COVID-19 outbreak

WCH can offer solutions to help our clients effectively operate especially during this hard time of Public  Health Emergency.

We understand the current impact on businesses and the fact many healthcare offices had to change their operational processes and work remotely. To help our clients, besides Practice Management and Electronic Health Records systems such as PMBOS and iSmart EHR, we are offering the Online Eligibility platform and Time Management software.

 Insurance Eligibility Verification Tool

A poor eligibility verification process is one of the main reasons why reimbursements get lost or delayed. Since there are a lot of things involved and rules to follow, you must always put eligibility verification as one of your top priorities. This issue does not just affect the income of your practice. It also has an impact on your patients’ satisfaction and the overall impression of your practice.

With a Real-time eligibility verification tool, within one access, you may have a connection to over 300 payers for real-time patient eligibility verification.

Electronic Eligibility verification saves your staff the time and effort of making phone calls, especially considering the current situation where many healthcare payers are available for limited assistance only. It quickly gives you the information on the patient’s eligibility.


Some advantages of using the Eligibility Verification Tool:

  • Real-time verification, no phone calls needed.
  • You have the option to perform real-time eligibility verification at any time and place.
  • It is a HIPAA-compliant platform that will keep all the eligibility responses inside the patients’ profiles and will allow you to keep track of the responses for your records.
  • It features real-time connections to Medicare, Medicaid, and more than 300 commercial payers within the same access. There would be no need to use many different web portals, keep track of login and passwords, or waste time going from one access to another.


  • Eligibility platform users can manage the insurance list by themselves, as well as add/delete the payers they want to work with.
  • Easy way to add a patient and check eligibility

Users can add and verify the eligibility of a patient in 3 easy steps:

1. Enter First/Last name and DOB

2. Select Insurance and enter the ID number

3. Check Eligibility

  • Eligibility transaction history is always available.

You can filter the “Eligibility Log” by Insurance/Patient/Date or ID

In the same window, you can see Credit amount and Transaction status

  • Eligibility verification is available for multiple patients with just one click

We are continuously working on upgrading our system to make the process of eligibility verification faster, easier, and more productive. Now, our iSmart EHR users can check eligibility by clicking the “E” button via the “Edit Patient” panel.

or though Patient Page 

When you are pressing the “check eligibility” via either window, you can select the date of service and the service type you want to check the Eligibility for (e.g., Outpatient Mental Health).

After that, the eligibility response is given and available for printing if necessary.


Eligibility platform is an excellent tool for all healthcare offices. Contact us today to start using the platform!  

Time Management

Another software that will help your office operate remotely is the Time Management software.

Time Management is essential for business companies who are performing many different jobs during the day. Time Management Program will help you understand the real value of your time, which contributes to increased productivity. The skills we explain below will help you and your employees become highly effective by showing how to identify and focus on the activities that give you the highest returns. Investing in time-management activities will save you time by teaching you how to work smarter, not harder. Additionally, these same techniques will help you beat work overload - a key source of stress.

Here are the skills you’ll achieve while you’re using the Time Management Program:

       Activity Logs – Know where your time goes.
       Prioritization - Taking control of your time.
       Beating Procrastination – Manage your time. Get it all done.
       Action Programs – Becoming exceptionally well organized.
       Effective Scheduling – Bringing your workload under control.
       New Year’s Resolutions – Planning for a year of achievement.


We also encourage providers to use e-Superbill options via windows-based PMBOS or to sign-up to iSmart EHR.

E-superbill takes 10 minutes to learn, five minutes to fill out and submit and eliminates paper trails while keeping track of every claim filed. And bills can be processed faster with fewer mistakes.

E-Superbill is the fastest, easiest way to start operating more efficiently, reduce paper and submit more consistently accurate claims.

We do believe that automation can simplify business processes for all parties, increase the quality of services, and improve service delivery.

WCH can provide efficient office management software for medical facilities. Contact us today at or call 347-492-5355 to learn more or visit our web portal at!