Monitor Your Claims Performance with iSmart EHR’s Dashboard

A good dashboard provides its users with a quick glance at critical information. Additionally, it allows users to easily and quickly generate reports or examine the data driving the analytics—all with a few clicks of the mouse.

iSmart EHR dashboard boasts of usability. It is truly a boon to productivity, and it can help practices save time that they can reinvest into patient care. The primary reason why an operational dashboard was added to iSmart EHR is to provide a comprehensive snapshot of a provider’s performance.

Now, we have optimized the Dashboard even more!

Three new graphics were added to the iSmart EHR Dashboard, which allows providers to get a detailed snapshot of their practice performance without using too many filters.

iSmart EHR Dashboard informational graphics are available on the main screen at the time of logging in! Here are the additional graphics you can check out at your dashboard:

1.     Top payers by paid amount – shows the top five payers with the highest paid amount for six months of the current year in comparison with six months period of the previous year. Providers may analyze and see the payers from which they are getting the most reimbursement.

2.   Top CPT codes with higher reimbursement: Displays the top five procedure codes with the highest reimbursement, comparing the six-month period of the current year to the previous. Providers may analyze and see the procedures for which they are getting the highest income.

3.    Volume of visits by Location: Displays the total number of patient visits for provider’s locations comparing the six months of the current year to the previous. That will help providers to analyze whether their office locations are growing or not.


The Dashboard also contains previously added graphics:  The Total claims created (primary by DOS) and Total paid (including payment from Secondary) by DOS.

Those two graphics allows users to visualize amounts of Billed claims versus Paid claims, and compare last and current year’s results. 

For the convenience of our clients, the Dashboard displays your account representatives’ contact information and various notifications that we can post on the Dashboard, such as holiday days, news, or different events.

You won’t need to use so many filters to gather essential data anymore, as our Dashboard is slated to provide these details quickly.

With the new dashboard update, you’ll definitely have an easier time navigating through the iSmart EHR’s interface. Stay tuned for more software and interface updates!