MEET WCH – Dmitriy Yermolaev

Meet our credentialing specialist - Dmitriy Yermolayev.  

Dmitriy joined WCH about 2 years ago. He started learning the credentialing process, requirements, and insurances policies. In just three months, he picked up the necessary knowledge to start working with the insurance companies and processing credentialing under the direct supervision of the department manager. In the following few months, he continued to learn about specialty credentialing and adding difficult credentialing cases to his load. His credentialing experience — especially handling different difficult cases — has helped him reach a new level of expertise in the department in just one year. He became not just a credentialing representative but a credentialing expert. Dmitriy is continuing to grow, and he is taking the necessary steps to become a supervisor of the credentialing department.  

Credentialing department and the entire WCH team are honored to grow and promote employees that have the drive for the professionalism and dedication to help clients with vital healthcare industry needs. 

We are looking forward to sharing more success stories of our employees in the upcoming newsletters, but in this edition, let's get to know Dmitriy Yermolayev and what he thinks about his work, the future of WCH, his career plans, and his hobbies.

Dmitriy was warmly received when he joined WCH, and his early days in the company were not very difficult since the team was amicable both in his credentialing department and in the whole company.

His responsibilities in the department are to help clients secure contracts with insurance companies. He has been working in the company for almost 2 years, and during this time, he has learned a lot, to the extent of becoming a credentialing expert and assuming a leading role in the department. His role now includes assigning work to colleagues and always being there to help out when they ask for it.

What Dmitriy considers most difficult in his work is getting answers from insurance companies because they are not often very communicative, and you have to make an extra effort to get an answer. But he enjoys the feeling that comes with getting the results he wants for his clients. 

Considering the commitment the WCH team puts in ensuring the right results for clients, Dmitriy advises every health care provider to choose WCH specialists, who really provide the best services in credentialing, billing, and other healthcare services.

Dmitriy sees his future in WCH and wants to grow as an employee more and take more responsibility for himself. He wants to be a professional in the credentialing industry and important staff in the Company. He cherishes the good atmosphere in the company and how all employees get involved in getting things to work; all these help him in his work and gives him the desire to develop.

Considering the future of WCH, Dmitriy is optimistic about the future of the company and the health-tech industry in general. He is confident that the company can achieve more in using technology to help health care providers. He believes that IT products help in making health care delivery easier and more efficient. Here's what he had to say:

"IT technologies help to better diagnose patients' diseases. They simplify the doctor's work and serve to automate the management of data, processes, workflow, as well as for the implementation of telemedicine."

For people who are striving for their dreams, Dmitriy says, "It's never too late to start doing what you want, try something new, and move forward."

Dmitriy likes to enjoy his free time in the yard of his house. He enjoys reading biographical books and loves different genres of music, but he has a special interest in rock music. For movies, his favorites are biopic movies and series.
 Cycling, swimming, and hiking are Dmitriy's favorite outdoor activities. And he dreams about meeting new people from different cultures and getting along with them so as to expand his worldview.