WCH’s Recent Accomplishments

We congratulate Julia Markova!

We are happy to announce that Julia Markova, our billing account representative, successfully passed the CMCS examination organized by the American Medical Billing Association on August 17. 

СMCS stands for Certified Medical Coding Specialist.  The purpose of the certification is to formally recognize a medical coder’s competency and proficiency, encourage continued professional development, and provide a national standard assessment of the coder’s knowledge of the industry.

We congratulate Julia on her achievement, and we are so proud to have her as a part of our family!

Although Julia has now become a certified specialist, we always encourage our employees to keep learning because no matter how long they have been on the job, there's always something new to learn. Our employees take pride in honing their skills. 

We are very excited to announce the release of our first credentialing program – CredyApp!

WCH has been handling credentialing for over 20 years. Bringing together all this experience, we developed an all-in-one tool to manage, control, and recharge the medical practice credentialing process.  It includes everything needed for superior credentialing workflow.

You don’t need to use spreadsheets anymore to manage providers!

CredyApp allows your administrator to fully automate credentialing insurance workflows and stay on top of communication, re-credentialing, and document tracking.

Key capabilities:

  • No More Paperwork. All operations are completed online and stored within our credentialing program.
  • Custom Reporting and Tracking. Track the progress of each submitted application and enrollment status.
  • Enrollment and Document History. Modify and preview data on your certificates, avoid expiring medical credentials.
  • Regular Application Updates. Get the most up-to-date insurance credentialing applications.
  • Customized Application Formats. Request paper/HTML/PDF version of your applications submitted.
  • Custom Application Forms. Request credentialing application to be added to the database.
And more!

CredyApp has all the features necessary for running credentialing insurance workflows organized and can help start any credentialing process right away.  All your practice’s internal credentialing processes can be easily maintained in one program by your staff while being accessible to other users for monitoring.

We provide our users with a library of contacts to insurance provider representatives, with director phone numbers and emails. The insurance contact library will be shared among all users to expand contact information.

Don’t wait! Become a credentialing expert with CredyApp today! You can send us a request for the CredyApp demo here.