Financial Hardship Application and Information

The New York State (NYS) Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) has developed and implemented a new process that affords providers the opportunity to apply for relief in the event an OMIG audit may pose a financial hardship to the organization. Providers that have received a Final Audit Report and wish to apply for financial hardship consideration may contact the OMIG Bureau of Collections Management at 

The Bureau of Collections Management will send providers Financial Hardship Applications and, upon receipt, OMIG will review the applications then make determinations as to appropriate re-payment plans. Sample Financial Hardship Applications are posted on the NYS OMIG Financial Hardship Application Information website at:

OMIG conducts and coordinates the investigation, detection, audit, and review of Medicaid providers and recipients to ensure they are complying with all applicable laws and regulations. OMIG has the authority to pursue civil and administrative enforcement actions against any individual or entity that engages in fraud, abuse, illegal or inappropriate acts, or unacceptable practices.