WCH has been a dedicated educator to medical practitioners


Considering our service industry experience as billing, auditor, and credentialing specialists, we feel that it's our responsibility to share our knowledge and guide practitioners to follow healthcare accepted standards.  Webinars have been a successful platform to help us achieve a set goal.


Our latest webinar series has let many of our new followers, healthcare providers, and managers evaluate their practice performance with the Help of WCH.

The webinar we held about 2021 Evaluation and Management updates had 56 participants. One of the most recent webinars we held past month has gathered 59 participants. This webinar topic was about Telemedicine. Our team of presenters is expanding gradually as well.  Recently we had invited a co-presenter Jacqueline Thelian, CPC, CPC-I, CHCA, to share her knowledge and to answer participants' questions. The webinar "Telemedicine The right Way: The Insurance Way!”   can be viewed here.

Don't miss our upcoming events, and stay tuned for more updates!

 Overall, we are grateful that we have gained respect and trust within the healthcare community. We are focused on delivering professional education, consultations and training to healthcare practitioners.

We also accept requests from our clients on topics they feel will be beneficial for their practices!

Contact us today and Thank you for your trust in our services!