Meet Nargiza Sabirova, the credentialing specialist


This edition focuses on Nargiza Sabirova, one of our credentialing specialists. Nargiza believes that proper and timely communication is extremely important in completing the credentialing process in time, so she urges doctors to frequently talk with them. To know more about Nargiza and what she has to say about her work experience and the importance of tech in the health care industry, read along!



In this edition, we interviewed Nargiza Sabirova, one of our credentialing specialists. She discussed what it's like working for WCH and shared her views about the future of the health care industry. Lastly, she talked about her career plans and hobbies.

Nargiza works with the credentialing department in WCH. Her current responsibilities include helping clients, such as doctors, to enroll in the insurance plan or change their location if they move to another city/state. She is in charge of completing credentialing applications to add providers to commercial payers, Medicare, and Medicaid.

To effectively complete her tasks, she works closely with the insurance representatives and billing staff to identify and resolve any denials or authorization issues related to provider credentialing. Her work also involves maintenance of the accurate provider profiles on CAQH, PECOS, NPPES, and CMS databases. She ensures that individual provider files have up-to-date information needed to complete the required governmental and commercial payer credentialing applications. For this, she frequently talks with clients and tries to find alternative ways to find a solution in difficult cases.

At first, Nargiza didn't find it easy adapting to her new work, as everything about WCH and the health care industry was new to her, but as she gained experience, everything became clearer and more manageable. She cherishes her work and is very interested in learning something new every day.

Expectedly, some part of the job is more difficult than others. For Nargiza, the most difficult situations are those that lead to a dead-end during the workflow — for example, an insurance rep may reject a request or does not respond to it at all. However, finding a solution to this sort of problem can prove to be the most enjoyable part of the job. Quite often, her colleagues, especially Olga Khabinskay, the Director of Operations, help her in finding the right solutions, which offers her the opportunity to learn something new.

To make things easier and faster for the clients, Nargiza would advise clients to provide the necessary papers, documents, and contracts on time, as the entire credentialing process takes a long time. For a new enrollment with the insurance company, it can take 3 months. But if the doctor doesn't provide the full information or the right papers in time, the process may take even longer. So, Nargiza would advise doctors and other clients to communicate more with them. If they have questions, her team is always ready to answer them. This could help avoid any discrepancies during the workflow.

Regarding the future of WCH and the healthcare industry as a whole, Nargiza believes that WCH will become one of the leaders in the industry and in the near future, it will not only expand its range of services but also export its services to other countries. And, all this will be achieved with the help of new innovative IT and medical products. The health care industry is evolving rapidly. Every year, smart people invent new technologies, such as VR (virtual reality), robots, 3D printers, and nanotechnologies, which can be adapted to the medical field to make health care delivery better.

In the TV series, Anatomy of Passion, a heart surgeon was able to transplant a patient with new lungs that were printed with a p3 printer. While this may be science fiction, this is the direction the medical field is headed. Nargiza hopes that in the future, many people will start practicing virtual reality and possibly use it to train a new generation of doctors on how to perfect their skills.

Generally speaking, digital technology could help transform unsustainable healthcare systems into sustainable ones, improve the relationship between medical professionals and patients, as well as provide cheaper, faster, and more effective solutions for diseases.

When asked about how IT products will develop in the field of medicine, Nargiza had this to say: "It is difficult to say exactly how IT products will develop in the field of medicine, but I know one thing for sure, without IT, medicine will not develop in any way. All online portals, medical directories, useful tools, and applications are developed with the help of IT. Thanks to the Internet and IT products, all medical documentation can be online without any paperwork."

Regarding her career plans, Nargiza emphasizes the importance of her career in her life. Here's how she captured it: "Career is the main aspect of my life. I tried myself in different areas to decide where I want to see myself and who I want to be. I wouldn't want to build a career in a place where I would be plagued by stress and malaise. With WCH, I have never faced a situation I could not handle. Sometimes, there were difficult tasks and, even at those moments, my colleagues helped me to solve them. Therefore, I would like to develop my skills in the field of credentialing, as this is what I do best."

Nargiza hasn't thought quite much about her dream yet. However, in the future, she hopes to travel a lot, open her own business, and make her own movie. :-) To those who have found their dreams and strive to achieve them, she advises them to stay the course and never give up.

Nargiza's hobby is snowboarding, but she also likes to spend her free time with her friends. In her words: "Meeting friends is like sharing information. You'll learn a lot of new things. We can share any information, or we can post the latest news or search for the most recent trends."

Nargiza is a big fan of Neil Gaiman and Hayao Miyazaki. Although she doesn't really like reading new books, she enjoys Neil Gaiman's books every time she lays her hands on one. She loves how he creates a completely new world in his stories. Though a Gaiman fan, Nargiza's favorite book is "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri. As for movies, Nargiza is not a big connoisseur of the film industry; she mostly prefers Japanese anime and manga (Japanese comics) to films. She believes that all of Hayao Miyazaki's anime is a masterpiece that everyone, including adults, should watch.

Regarding her favorite sporting activities, Nargiza reiterates her love for snowboarding. While she is not a sports fan, she emphasizes that snowboarding is her passion. She, however, regrets that snowboarding is not the type of sports one can enjoy in all seasons — she has to wait for winter to get on the board. "It's a winter sport, but I think that's why a lot of people love it.", she said. Nargiza leads an active lifestyle and wishes that everyone can do the same.