LGBTQ and Provider Directory Update 

Cigna has recently taken a broader initiative to meet the healthcare needs of underserved communities like LGBTQ individuals. As a part of the initiative, healthcare providers with the willingness and experience to meet the healthcare needs of LGBTQ groups are requested to update their directory profiles. Accordingly, Cigna will display the updated profile on its directory dashboard.  

Healthcare providers can add one or more LGBTQ attributes like LGBT issues, Gender Dysphoria, HIV/AIDS, etc. to their Cigna directory profile. This will: 

  •  Help them to gain greater visibility. 
  •  Enable them to engage with more LGBTQ communities faster & 
  • Increase the total number of patients 

How to be recognized as a credible provider in caring for LGBTQ individuals  

  1. If healthcare providers use CAQH ProView: Healthcare providers can get more information on the Cigna directory webpage. However, no further action is required if they had selected any LGBTQ attributes in CAQH ProView earlier in their Cigna profile. 

  1. If healthcare providers don’t use CAQH ProView: In this case, providers should contact their Relations Representative for more information.   

Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) ProView® is a resource for providers to self-report professional and practice information to payers, hospitals, large provider groups, and health systems.  

It eliminates duplicate paperwork as providers can enter and maintain information through an intuitive profile-based design and submit that information to selected organizations.