CredyApp: The Last Guide to Credentialing You’ll Ever Need 


We are pleased to present you with new software designed and created by WCH, based on many years of professional experience. It is a single solution that streamlines the credentialing process for any practice or business in the healthcare industry.  



WCH has been providing credentialing services to doctors, facilities, and many different providers in the healthcare industry for 21 years. We need hardly say that credentialing process requires a lot of details, consistent follow-ups, and a workflow system that will report the start and finish of your credentialing.  

For years, we have been working in Word, Excel, and other not-so-comfortable applications, but it did not help us to avoid document clutter.  

In the end, it became quite obvious: we lacked software that could assist in organizing the credentialing process. And no program on the market could represent us as a credentialing provider, as WCH Credentialing Department always had its own successful ways of managing and handling credentialing.We decided to create brand new software because we needed a guide and assistant. That is how the work began. 



"We went from the main aspects of credentialing. Step by step. From chaos to order, says Olga Khabinskay, Manager of the WCH Credentialing department. “That is how our software was born. The process was slow, as it was thoughtful. We pay attention to every detail. We wanted to fully reflect on the handling of the credentialing process in WCH. For example, our doctors' retrieved access which allows them to see the status, and this is an innovative design. We also expanded the program to include remote workers. This enables you to monitor the progress of all employees. And I have not listed all the unique things you will find in CredyApp yet. We have already experienced the software on ourselves, and we can undoubtedly say that it is the best option and easy way to improve any credentialing process!"  

Eventually, doctors, credentialing, billing, and insurance companies, can benefit from running well-organized credentialing progress by using CredyApp. It is a great assistant to anyone who handles credentialing from the beginning, updates credentialing for the providers, or maintains a large group. It does the work! So, do not miss out on the new way to make your credentialing process easier.  


Benefits You Will Get  

Now we know for sure how to assist you in accomplishing problem-free credentialing, and we can give you a better way to manage, control, and recharge. Since January 2023, the software has been presented to the general public, you have the opportunity to verify all of the above. We suggest starting with the trial. Use the product for 40 days and receive detailed training with a demo to understand how CredyApp works. We can assure you that you will be convinced of the uniqueness of the product and will not want to part with it.  


Be InCREDYble with CredyApp! 


  • CredyApp features make it easier to manage credentialing processes of any size group and employees assigned to work.  

  • Whether you are a credentialing expert or a beginner, CredyApp makes it easy to streamline your enrollment processes. 

  • Keep track of client's insurance renewal contract dates, and manage expirable documents, all in one hub.  

  • Portal designed to help with profile maintenance, insurance status, e-sign, and document management. 

  • CredyApp allows you to allocate tasks among your staff based on specifics and complexity. 

  • Stay up to date with the insurance follow-ups handled by employees, reassign work, and never miss an important callback.  



Moreover, be the user and get assistance in dealing with hard cases as an exclusive bonus. The CredyApp team is here to provide an additional service for solving any problems with insurance companies to help you to get contracts approved.  

We are not just software but also a consulting service that assists you in achieving results!