The Darkest Days in Ukrainian Healthcare System 

Power outages in Ukraine caused by Russian strikes have increased pressure on the already weakened healthcare system. Just imagine, during the life-dependent surgery, the lights go out in the operating room.   

The surgeon from Lviv Oleh Duda faced this problem. He was in the middle of a complex heart surgery when explosions began. The next moment, the lights went out. In the long three minutes before the generator started (a great reminder about the relativity of everything in the world), Oleh's team kept working with headlamps.  

The World Health Organization commented on this situation, "The healthcare system of Ukraine is facing its darkest days in the war so far."  

In the winter time, it starts to get dark at 4:00 pm in Ukraine, and doctors all over the country start using headlamps, phone lights, and flashlights to continue their work.  

Unfortunately, it has become commonplace. Even complicated surgeries, such as transplantation, take place with lights out. But notwithstanding the war, a lot of residents of post-Soviet countries come to Ukraine for cardiac surgery, trusting the qualification of Ukrainian doctors. And doctors continue to save lives. Because one ray of light is enough to dispel a lot of darkness.