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  • What Is HIPAA And How Does The Legislation Apply To Me As A Provider Of Medicare Services?
    For providers of Medicare and Medicaid services, the HIPAA rules set out a number of guidelines in regards to the security and protection of medical information and records. In more recent times, due to the development of superior and more advanced technology and computing systems, the HIPAA legislation has served to be more applicable and of far greater importance. Professional computer and software hackers are more skilled now and as such, security should be frequently updated in order to stay one step ahead.
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Fidelis to Conduct Research and Training of Its Stakeholders into the Abuse of Opioid Drugs
Opioids are primarily used as medicinal drugs which can be highly beneficial for the control and management of acute pain. However, as with so many modern painkillers, their overuse can cause highly dangerous side effects. Opioid misuse is, unfortunately, an increasingly common occurrence in modern times.
P4P—The MetroPlus Pay For Performance Program
The P4P program is designed to help providers offer the highest standard of service through the use of achievable goals and monetary motivations. The program is made with the intention of improving relations between patients and medical providers.
The Request for the Relevant Medical Records to Be Made By CIOX Health In Relation to the Adjustment Data Validation Audit Program
UnitedHealthcare must provide the necessary documentation to its commercial members, when requested, for the annual review of medical claims. This change came into effect in June 2018.
Launch Of The UnitedHealthcare Preferred Lab Network Set For July 1, 2019
The launch of UnitedHealthcare’s new lab network is reported to be aiming for July 1, 2019. The new lab network will exist in order to make navigation of the directories easier for its members and care providers to work with.
Prior Authorization Now Essential For In-Patient Video Electroencephalograph (EEG)
As part of a patient’s cerebral seizure treatment plans, an in-patient video electroencephalograph may be carried out (EEG). This technique allows for the careful and controlled monitoring of a patient’s cerebral seizures. Prior authorization will now be required prior to the patient undertaking and being treated with such a technique.
Ensuring that NPPES Taxonomy Codes Are Correct Inputted Into the System: Why It Is Important
For providers of EmblemHealth Medicare and Medicaid services, it is vital that the time is taken in order to ensure that the provider’s taxonomy codes are entered accurately and without error or mistake. In the case of these taxonomy codes being incorrect, a health care provider’s Medicare and Medicaid clients who are on a controlled substances prescription plan will find that they will be unable to refill them after May 20, 2019.
Medicaid Implement New Changes To The Limits Regarding Physical Therapy
Coming into play from July 1, 2018, changes to the Medicaid program will implement new rules which increase the allowance for Medicaid patients to experience physical therapy, where it will be of a benefit to the patient.
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