MEET WCH: Julia Markova 


This edition focuses on Julia Markova, our billing account representative. Julia believes that adequate communication between providers and the billing department will avoid claims denials and ensure timely reimbursement, so she urges you to always communicate with your billers about any concerns. Read along to know more about Julia and her experience working in the medical billing and reimbursement area!


In this edition, we interviewed Julia Markova, our Billing Account Representative. She shared what it feels like working for WCH. She also expressed her views about the future of the health care industry and how the pandemic has brought about changes. In addition, she discussed her career plans and hobbies.


For Julia, joining the WCH Team as part of the billing department was one of the bravest and most important decisions of her entire life. According to her, when she applied for the job, she didn't understand how deep and different it would be. However, after she started and got a good understanding of the healthcare industry, she felt excited. With the support of the WCH team, it was quite easy for her to carry out her responsibilities and achieve new goals.


As an account representative and biller in the billing department, her direct responsibilities include medical billing itself, collection of outstanding claims, appealing incorrect decisions by health insurance companies, and helping providers to achieve 99% or a higher percentage of reimbursement for submitted claims.


In addition, she communicates with providers to help them avoid denials. She also works closely with the credentialing and IT department of WCH. By working with credentialing specialists, she learns the nuances of enrollment. This helps to prevent "not clean" claims and the resultant losses for providers.


Julia sees working with the IT department as a source of pride. Together, they work to improve WCH's exclusive and unique IT products for the healthcare industry. She expects these products to be working for decades, being among the Top-10 or Top-5 IT products in the US healthcare sector in the future.


Just as there are exciting and easy parts of her job, Julia also experiences difficulty in some areas. For instance, the most challenging part of her job is to prove insurance companies wrong about the incorrect denials they issue for claims in cases where claims are clean but the insurance system has glitches. This is challenging to her because such denials are not logical in any way. However, she believes in the power of technologies helping to set everything straight.


On the other hand, the part she loves most about her job is solving complicated and complex cases. In addition, she loves to see the results of her job, which is to win appeals and help clients get reimbursement in full and in time.


To make claims reimbursement a lot easier and faster, Julia advises providers to frequently communicate with their billers. According to her, most insurance denials and delays in payments happen due to a lack of communication between the billing department and providers. And as soon as the communication is established, lots of issues are gone. She encourages clients not to hesitate to ask questions and discuss any concerns with their billers as they are always ready to help.


Julia believes that WCH is one of the leading companies in medical billing and credentialing and a team of experienced, inspired, and open-minded professionals who help providers and practices grow.


She believes the healthcare industry will continue to develop. She fancies one of the recent developments in the healthcare industry — the paperless way of claims submission and payment transaction.


Julia acknowledges the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic hit the healthcare industry hard. In her words: "A year and a half ago, we just could not imagine that so many services could be provided via telemedicine, but now this is our reality. I believe that healthcare services would not be the same even after the COVID-19 pandemic situation. It would be more flexible, and technology would play a major role in the industry. I believe that WCH Service Bureau will help providers to understand and adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare industry and provide our IT product to the global market."


Concerning her career plans, Julia says she has a lot of plans for her future career in WCH. She believes there are many opportunities for development and lots of nuances of the medical industry she would like to know, including how to bill certain aspects of new medical specialties. For her, WCH has no boundaries, and everyone has a lot of chances to learn new things and accomplish goals.


"Since my childhood, I love to be helpful. This feeling is the most important part of our work for me, and it provides great motivation for me.", She says. Julia believes that being a part of a great team with the same beliefs makes her think that she has a bright future with WCH.


That aside, one of Julia's cherished dreams is to write a book/novel one day. She wants to capture this present era and what the world is like for future generations. She intends to tell them her story that would make them cry, laugh, and always believe in the best. Perhaps she would even mention WCH in this book as the best billing company, but she would rather keep all aspects of the work completely confidential.


Her advice to people working for their dreams is to just dream on. Here are what she has to say: "Do not let the routine break your dreams. Always keep your head up and remember that you would look back one day and understand how many dreams came true. But keep in mind that life is a tricky thing, and some of our dreams come true but do not coincide with our expectations for 100%. For example, since my childhood, I have always wanted to do sports; I dreamed of being a rhythmic gymnast. Some years later, I started to do sport — but it was Taekwondo. I did it for approximately 10 years, got a 1st-degree black belt, and won national championships. My dream of being an athlete came true, but not entirely. So, I want others to continue dreaming but should know that the dreams can come true in some different way."


Julia's hobby is reading. One of her goals is to read all authors who won Nobel Prize in literature. She has a long list of the books she has already read. However, for now, she is a big fan of French and Russian classic literature.


She also loves rock music; it's the second big love of hers. So, for example, if she's left alone with Albert Camus's novel and put on some Heavy Metal Band track, it would be her best therapy ever.


As regards her favorite music, Julia says it's rock, but it depends on her mood. Her favorite band is Motionless in White. According to her, the band makes her feel recharged. Sometimes, she prefers something even darker, like old-school Scandinavian industrial metal. And for times when she wants to feel joyful, bands like Mötley Crüe or Twisted Sister are perfect for that. She also mentioned Queen and Freddie Mercury as part of the musicians she loves.

And as for movies, she said that she doesn't watch a lot of them since she prefers to read instead. However, she likes to relax watching wrestling shows on weekends.



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