MEET WCH – Feruza Khaydarova


This edition focuses on Feruza Khaydarova, our EHR and MIPS advisor. Feruza enjoys helping clinicians enroll in the MIPS program and recommends the iSmart EHR platform because it is unique and has all valuable functions embedded into it. To know more about Feruza and her experience working with WCH, read along!


In this edition, we interviewed Feruza Khaydarova, our EHR and MIPS advisor. She shared what it feels like to work for WCH, explaining her responsibilities and the challenges she faces in her work. Feruza also expressed her views about the future of WCH and shared a few things about her hobbies.


Joining the WCH team was challenging for Feruza at the beginning, but the team’s exciting work atmosphere made the tasks enjoyable. She was happy to be supported by her amazing colleagues. In her words: “My colleagues are wonderful people, and they supported me. This is an entirely different level in my usual life routine, and it has opened up new horizons for me.”


Feruza’s responsibilities include showing clinicians how to participate in the MIPS program, preparing and creating EHR accounts for them, and helping them with maintenance tasks.

Regarding the challenges she faces in her job, Feruza said that difficulties are inevitable, mainly due to the doctors’ tight working schedule. “They are always loaded, and this makes it difficult to schedule a meeting for discussion.”, Feruza remarked.


Despite the challenges, she really likes the fact that she is always on the same page with them. She enjoys that feeling of knowing what the clinician expects from the service.


Since the MIPS program is one of the ways health care organizations can show their quality of service, conveniently document patients’ information, and upload data, Feruza advises that providers use certified EHR systems that meet all the requirements and have wide capabilities. She recommends iSmart because it is unique and has all valuable functions embedded into it.


Feruza believes that the healthcare industry is developing day by day and that WCH is one of the companies at the forefront of the rapid digitalization in the industry. According to her, IT products are the main achievements of the digital age that help humanity to deal with various tasks, and integrating these products into the health care industry is one of the world’s most pressing concerns. She also believes that, in the future, WCH will expand the scope of its service and cover all areas of medicine.


Regarding her life dreams, Feruza states that, while dreaming is not bad, she prefers to make plans and keep them private. For those striving to achieve their dreams, she has this to say: “A dream has the property of being accomplished only if a person makes some kind of effort to achieve them and never stops dreaming and making plans. Thanks to such dreams, life takes on a better meaning, helping them to grow and become the best version of themselves.”

Feruza’s favorite activity is playing badminton — for her, it is one of the safest sports. In her free time, she likes cooking apple pie. For her favorite music, she loves listening to something rhythmic, in the style of acoustics. One of her favorite movies is “Love, Death, and Robots.” This summer, she’s looking forward to the premiere of the “Suicide Squad 2” movie.


Feruza also likes reading. Currently, she’s reading “Love’s Executioner” by Irving Yalom and “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” by Adam Smith. Feruza believes that the most precious things in the world are faith, love, and every moment of happiness in all its forms.

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