the Doctor Who Gives Patients their Faces Back 

Polish innovator Adam Maciejewski was the first surgeon in the world, who provided life-saving face transplantation.    

Performing complex surgeries on the face and organs of the neck and head, professor Adam Maciejewski returns the function of the damaged organs and images to cancer and trauma patients. Journalists from all over the world used to call him a magician, but Adam said, "I'm just trying to do my job as well as possible, and this success is not only my credit but the credit of all my team.  

Adam's father is a well-known and respected oncologist, but the choice of profession for his son was almost accidental. Adam was involved in tennis and skiing. Studying seemed to him even more tedious. But that all changed at the surgical internship. Adam was fascinated. He started to spend all of his time at the hospital, even on weekends and vacations.  

Despite his busy schedule, Adam found time to answer a few questions exclusively for WCH Insights. 

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